The Roboroach, Cool Toy or Cruel Toy?

One of my friends brought a new product to my attention, and at first I was under the impression that this device was a robotic cockroach that the user could control. However, after closer inspection I found that this device allows the user to control a real cockroach, I was blown away. So after reading about how it works, I found that a small computer must be attached to the cockroach, which left me imagining how applying a computer to a live cockroach would actually work…

Anyways, I decided not to buy the product but it has left quite an impression on me, so I'm wondering what do you guys think about this product? Is it mostly cool or mostly cruel? Below I'll add some info from the website and give ya'll the link so you can see for yourself!


  1. Well, it's got to be easier than that guy who collects Moth Balls.

  2. why would anybody want to control a cocroach... unless you're a cosmic villain looking to form your army of minions.....

  3. Hi, thank you for your comment on my blog! Lucy

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