Do 'Get Free Bitcoin' Websites Work?: The Truth About Bitcoin Businesses and Websites

Do 'Get Free Bitcoin' Websites Work?: The Truth About Bitcoin Businesses and Websites.

I have heard a lot of buzz this past week of people wondering, "what is bitcoin?" and "are free bitcoin websites scams?" 

As an emerging technology Bitcoin is subject to skepticism because people are unfamiliar with bitcoin and know little about it. While bitcoin has been the subject of scandal before, the majority of websites that offer free bitcoin and bitcoin related services are legitimate. Knowing which websites to spend your time visiting is key and where to deposit your bitcoin is key.

  • The best way to learn about the legitimacy of the website involved in bitcoin is to check social websites such as forums and search for the website or business you are inquiring about. Check what other users have said about a particular website recently.
  • Risk and reward go hand in hand! For example, with trading and gambling there is decent risk with decent reward. If a website promises more than 100% returns in a day or two, think twice and consider the risk involved. 

In some cases the business or website's legitimacy may be fairly clear and in others it may be hazy. Refer to the first two steps before committing yourself to an investment, especially a risky one.

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