Cloaking clothing, now a reality?

So my brother tells me he saw a video of clothing specifically designed to bend light in such a way that would make the wearer not appear to be physically there.
The closest i can find is the technology demonstrated in this video below, has anyone seen a good video of cloaking clothing or something similar?

With that idea alone the possibilities seem endless. How technology advances in such a short time, it seems like only yesterday when invisibility was a thing of dreams and hollywood and soon it could be a reality.
 What would you guys do if you could be invisible ;p ? i can think of a lot that i would do already haha


  1. I've seen several things like this, but they are far from perfect.

  2. Troll as hard as possible. All day.


  3. I would go somewhere quiet and just be invisible.

  4. i'm totally thinking harry potter

  5. It will be a couple decades before these cloaks can be used