How to interact with police officers

It can be really scary when dealing with a police officer, espically if you do not know your rights and do not know the officers rights. Police Officers are trained interigators, they will use the law to its full power and use the law to its fullest extent. So as a citizen it is your obligation to use the law to its full power and use it to the fullest extent. Below i will tell you how to respond to police officers, how to operate so that your experience with the officer is as easy, "well-manered" and professional as possible so that you do not get tied down with tickets or even worse, a lawsuit.

Let's start with first things first:

1. Do not make an admission of guilt, even if you are guilty! - If you do not want to answer a question that an officer asks simply state, "it is not in my best interest to answer that question at this time." (ALSO signing a ticket is NOT admitting guilt, it is just agreeing that the officer is giving you a ticket and you can take it to court later if you really want to fight it, all that refusing to sign will do is land you in jail.)

2. The Officers #1 concern during a stop is safety, is this guy that i pulled over going to try and kill me? It takes the officer off the edge of his seat if you keep your hands on the wheel at all times. If your car has a dome light turn it on. If you have to reach for ANYTHING, even ID, Insuranc e or whatever, let the officer know where you will be reaching and what for.

3. Police searches happen because people let them or the officer finds "probabal cause" to search. A good thing to do even if an officer finds probabal cause, is to say that you do not consent to a search. Just let it be stated loud and clear for the record so that the officer hears it, his partner hears it and you hear it. In court this could help you!

4. Follow any instructions he gives you, if you are nice, helpful, and are well aware of your rights and the law there will be almost no space for abuse, or anything to allow this encounter to escalate into something serious.

If you are being detained/arrested:

5. each officer should have a reason for why he stopped you. But if you are in a hurry and its taking forever; with respect to how the whole situtation is playing out you be the judge and decide if its a good time to ask if you are free to go. If the answer is no, ask if you are being detained. If you are you will probably know it so you shouldnt have to worry about that to much.

6. They should read you your rights, and once they do you can simply say, "i want to speak with my lawyer" to any questioning. Never speak to the police without a lawyer present, and once you get a lawyer he will tell you not to speak to the police. It is there job to prove you are guilty not yours.

7. If you are arrested they do get to search in your butt

If you want more information check out this PDF and use the internet! Or even better talk to a lawyer. There is no one better than an educated professional. Thanks for reading!


  1. Not likely I will be arrested as I do not get out much, but thank you for this information!

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