How to Evaluate Ballot Propositions

Examine what the measure seeks to accomplish. Would the measure be providing changes that are consistent with your ideas about government? and if so, do you think the proposed changes will make things better? Consider all aspects of government that could be effected by the proposition.

Always! Check who the sponsors and opponents are for each proposition. Find out where the money is coming from, that will help you tremendous amounts to understand who the law will be effecting and what it could mean for you. Check where the funds are coming from on the Secretary of State's website

Is the measure written in the best possible way so that there are no loopholes? And so that it is as simple as possible?  Will it create conflicts in law that may require court resolution or interpretation? Is it “good government,” or will it cause more problems than it will resolve? Will it be one that we can deal with easily through a Yes / No vote? or will it be a complex issue that our legislative body has to wrangle?

If the proposed idea needs to be funded consider where it will get its funds. What other government mandated programs will lose funding, will you have to pay more taxes? And even if there is money is it well spent and worth it?

An amendment to the constitution is a big thing and because of that all constitutional amendments require voters approval. Ask yourself if the law really needs to be written on the constitution, or could it be solved through judicial branches or another way.

As usual don't be swayed by visual adverts that supply little to no content about what they actually do. Read into the information do not just vote based off of what you have seen from the media or stuck in grassy areas around your house.


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  2. I think the problem with voting in the states is the fact that everyone's bashing one another you don't even know who to trust lol

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